Regional Updates – 11/17/23

Catie Green, Golden Plains Area Agronomy Specialist

A warm, dry November has been ideal for harvest and producers should be wrapping up in the next few weeks. Winter cereal grains are coming up nicely and looking forward to some moisture. 

Jess Callen, Larimer County Ag/NR Specialist

In a recent post from the NYT, “America’s New Wildfire Risk Goes Beyond Wildfires “, grassland fires were shown to burn more land and damage more property than forest fires. The article cited recent events such as the Marshall Fire in Boulder and the Maui fire to show the severity that grassland fires can cause to the livelihoods of Americans (Popovich, 2023). For those in the front range living on farms and ranches, emergency preparedness is essential. Check out Larimer County Extension Page for more information on how to prepare your home and land for the worst. 

Kat Caswell, Weld and Washington County Agronomy Specialist

The warmer, drier conditions should have helped the remaining cut hay that was not yet baled. Wheat emergence is on-going. Fields that have not been recently soil tested should do so as to ensure adequate nitrogen fertilization in the spring. All should participate in no-till November, particularly in fields that have previously been heavily tilled.

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