Biologicals Testing

Biostimulant, Biofertilizer, and Soil Amendment Evaluation

Colorado State University delivers results that you and your customers can trust.  We test biological technologies–whether delivered as a seed coating, powder, liquid, or soil amendment– on corn, grain sorghum, pinto bean, and black-eyed pea under dryland and irrigated management (crop dependent) .

Our multiple trial sites throughout Colorado enable consistent testing under a wide range of soils and climates. Colorado’s semi-arid environment is ideal for testing products intended to relieve drought stress and enhance climate resiliency. We also test products that will enhance soil nutrient uptake and plant efficiency.

Entry Form and Letter

How we work

All of our trials are planted with a precision, small-plot vacuum planter equipped with Monosem seed meters (to allow for seed singulation) in 4-row plots that are 31 feet in length.  Treatments are replicated a minimum of six times at each site, but we often increase the replicates if research is being conducted under dryland field conditions or as space allows.

We provide the following data to measure crop performance during the growing season:

  • grain yield
  • grain test weight
  • emerged plant population
  • plant height
  • plant lodging (if applicable)
  • days to mid-bloom (select locations)

Soil samples measuring organic matter, pH, N, P, K, and micronutrients are also taken prior to planting down to a depth of two feet. Additional soil health analyses can be provided through our state-of-the-art Soil, Water, Plant Testing Laboratory for an additional fee.

An entry form to test biological products is available here along with an entry letter with more descriptions of the trials and results. Please return the entry form to us no later than April 10, 2023.

For questions or more information, please contact Sally Jones-Diamond at or at 970-214-4611.